Pilates, Personal Training, Weight-loss motivation, Back-pain help and well-being in York


Welcome to my website! I offer Pilates, personal training and weight-loss help in York, England. My service is friendly and inclusive.

Pilates is a great way to overcome postural and back pain issues and build a solid fitness foundation.

What I offer:

  • Pilates for back-pain
  • Pilates for posture and health
  • Pilates for weight-loss and core strength
  • Personal Training and motivation

Pilates is:

  • Smooth and flowing
  • Excellent for helping with injuries and back pain
  • Precise and controlled
  • Safe and low risk
  • Accessible to anyone
  • A gentle introduction to health and fitness
  • Highly effective at improving core strength

I am:

  • Sympathetic to your challenges
  • Patient and understanding
  • Highly experienced and qualified
  • Happy to work at your pace
  • Able to assist you in achievening your goals
  • Knowledgeable about weight-loss and health
  • Very positive and supportive

Call me today on 01904 500904 for more information and to book a free consultation. 

Pilates for back pain

Pilates is a safe and effective way of exercising that can be very useful for improving posture and reducing back pain.

Pilates is particularly effective for reducing non specific lower back pain, this is the kind of back pain that does not have an identifiable root cause and manifests as an ache or discomfort in the lower back.

Pilates is also a safe starting point for those wanting to train after a back injury, or back operation.

What is Pilates? (Youtube Video):

This video is an interesting discussion on what Pilates is and how it can help.

An Interesting Video about Pilates